24 Hour Dentist of Spokane WA

Dental emergencies can occur at any time and are often unpredictable. From a knocked out tooth to loose fillings or a broken denture, these problems can cause pain and open your mouth up to bacteria.

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The sudden onset of a toothache can cause your world to stop on a dime. It is a painful, life changing event that can prevent you from being productive and may lead to a loss of work hours.

A toothache is a dental emergency and needs to be treated immediately. It could be a sign of a cracked or chipped tooth, an infection, or a dental abscess (pus pocket) which is a bacterial infection around the root of the tooth. If left untreated, an abscess can spread to the surrounding teeth and soft tissue resulting in damage and pain.

Dr. Rogers and his team at Smiles of Spokane are committed to scheduling patients facing an emergency right away. He has extensive experience in 24 Hour Dentist of Spokane WA and will work to keep you calm while addressing the problem at hand. He is also trained in 3D CBCT imaging and CEREC dental crowns.

Broken Tooth

Though our teeth are incredibly strong and hard-wearing, they’re not indestructible. Teeth that are cracked or fractured can be painful and require prompt treatment to prevent the crack from spreading.

Depending on the extent of the fracture, treatment may be as simple as placing a dental filling or a tooth replacement option like a dental crown. In more severe cases, a crack that extends to the root can lead to infection, which will likely require root canal therapy.

A knocked-out tooth is one of the scariest dental emergencies. In addition to the immediate pain and damage, missing teeth can have lasting consequences on your quality of life. In addition to reducing self-esteem and confidence, damaged teeth can cause poor nutrition and make it difficult to sleep. The good news is, most knocked-out teeth can be saved if you take the right steps immediately after injury. Ideally, the tooth should be returned to its socket and kept moist (in milk is best). If this is not possible, rinse the mouth and any salvaged teeth fragments with warm water.

Injuries to the Mouth or Face

The mouth and face are vulnerable to trauma and injury, and can affect your quality of life if not treated promptly. For instance, a knocked out tooth may seem like a minor dental issue, but it can expose the gums and other teeth to bacteria, which can lead to infections and even permanent tooth loss. Icing the affected area and taking acetaminophen can help relieve pain until you reach a 24 Hour Dentist of Spokane WA.

Other injuries include a cut tongue, lip or cheek; this type of dental emergency often requires urgent treatment to reduce the chances of infection and minimize bleeding. Other oral emergencies include loose fillings, impacted teeth and cracked or chipped teeth. When these issues occur, call Grins and Giggles Family Dentistry to schedule a same-day emergency appointment.

Broken Dentures

If you break your dentures it is important to see us right away. A broken tooth can cause infection and other serious health issues.

Broken teeth can be very uncomfortable and affect the quality of life you have. You may find it hard to eat or speak properly. Dental implants look and feel much like natural teeth and can help with eating, speech, and smile.

Dr. Jason Keefe is a restorative dentist with years of experience in treating broken and damaged teeth. He makes his patients feel comfortable and welcome during treatments. He provides a wide range of restorative services that include root canals, tooth extractions and dental implants. These treatments can prevent complications and restore the health of your mouth. He is also skilled in endodontics and oral surgery and can provide tooth restorations. He is passionate about restoring the health of his patient’s mouth. He believes in putting his patients first and takes pride in making them happy with the results of their treatments.