For vapers with a fondness for fruity delights, Aloha Strawberry Air Factory is the brand for you. From dessert e-liquids to candy-inspired treats, every flavor bearing the Air Factory name is crafted to perfection.

Aloha Strawberry combines mouth watering pineapple, ripe strawberries and creamy coconut to create a tropical fruit medley that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Available in 30ml bottles with a nicotine strength of 50MG.


Air Factory is a renowned brand for delivering the most noteworthy and appealing flavor concoctions to the global vaping community. From desserts to fruits and candy-inspired delights, every single creation baring the Air Factory name has been meticulously crafted to perfection.


Take your taste buds on a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands with Air Factory’s Aloha Strawberry. This fruity e-liquid features a unique blend of tropical pineapple and exotic coconut that will invigorate the senses and awaken the palate with every puff. This tobacco free nicotine salt e-liquid boasts a 50% PG / 50% VG ratio that offers solid vapor production and throat hit.


Take a breather and let your mind reset. This exotic tropical delight saturates the mouth with a deliciously sweet blend of pineapples, ripe strawberries, and creamy coconut. Enjoy a flavorful getaway in every single inhale.

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