Flum MI Mixed Berry Disposable Vape Review

Flum MI Mixed Berry is a disposable vape that comes with an efficient heating element and produces thick vapor to satisfy nicotine cravings. It’s a good choice for newcomers and seasoned vapers alike.

Flum MI has a 2.5ml eLiquid capacity that enables 800+ puffs and offers an incredible range of mouth watering flavors to choose from. Each device is pre-filled and requires no maintenance, charging or refilling.

Aloe Grape

Flum MI is a new disposable device designed to provide a satisfying experience in a compact and portable form factor. This premium product is available in a variety of mouth-watering flavors and is infused with 50mg of nicotine salt. Each device is pre-filled, pre-charged and ready to vape right out of the package.

Aloe Grape delivers a light and smooth experience with notes of sweet and juicy grapes and fresh aloe vera. The light sweetness and a hint of sourness will satisfy your cravings for a fruity flavor.

Strawberry Kiwi is a refreshing and soothing blend of strawberry and kiwi flavor that will delight your taste buds. This tasty treat is a great summer blast you can enjoy all year round!

Strawberry Banana

The Flum MI offers a stress free vaping experience that’s portable and easy to carry around. The disposable e-cigarette is prefilled with a generous 2.5ml of e-liquid that’s capable of serving up to 800 puffs, allowing you to enjoy a long vaping session without having to refill and recharge the device.

Flum MI Mixed Berry offers the sweet taste of ripe strawberries and creamy bananas that’ll make your mouth water with delight. The fruity e-liquid is complemented by a smooth undertone of natural aloe vera that’s rich and velvety.

The Flum MI comes in ten different flavors that will satisfy any palate. From the refreshing Aloe Pineapple Ice to the cool refreshing flavor of Lush Ice, you’ll find a fruity e-liquid that will appeal to your tastes. The disposable e-cigarette is also available in different nicotine strengths to suit your needs. This makes the disposable vaporizer perfect for someone transitioning into vaping or for experienced smokers looking for an easy way to quit smoking.

Peach Ice Cream

For those who enjoy a smooth ice cream flavor, this e-liquid has the right amount of sweetness to make you swoon. Inhale a creamy taste of sweet peaches with subtle ice and enjoy a smooth finish with each hit.

Each Flum disposable vape device comes pre-filled with a variety of interesting flavors. The company’s devices have a unique cylindrical design that’s paired with a slim mouthpiece. They feature a draw-activated firing mechanism, which means you don’t have to fiddle with buttons.

The company offers a wide range of salt nicotine flavors. The popular Fruity Hawaii and Cotton Candy are among their most exciting options. All of the company’s devices use a 50VG/50PG blend. They also come with a 5% nicotine strength. Nicotine salts are absorbed into the bloodstream faster than freebase nicotine, so you’ll experience a satisfying nicotine buzz as soon as you take a drag. This makes them a great option for beginners or those who want to quit smoking tobacco products.

Cool Mint

Discover the newest addition from Flum Float, the MI! The MI is a premium pre-filled disposable that comes in an impressive range of flavors. This smaller device offers up to 800 puffs and features a sleek cylindrical design. Unlike other disposables, the MI doesn’t require maintenance or charging and can simply be discarded after the liquid runs out.

Flavors in this collection include Aloe Grape, Strawberry Banana, Peach Ice Cream, and Cool Mint. Each eLiquid is made with 5% salt nicotine for a smooth throat hit.

Aloe Grape will please your sweet tooth with a fruity blend of juicy grapes and fresh aloe vera. Strawberry Banana is another sweet treat with the perfect balance of strawberries and bananas. Peach Ice Cream combines juicy peaches and creamy ice cream for an amazing flavor. Cool Mint provides a thrilling mint taste that will refresh your palate. Each Flavor from this collection includes a 2.5ml eLiquid capacity and is ready to vape out of the box.